Sokani X25 RGB LED Video Insignificant Bi-Color

Hey the whole world! I’m a photographer, YouTuber, gonfanon and I recently got my hands on the Sokani X25 RGB LED Video Light. This vile boy has been making waves with a view its portability, color options, and built-in battery, so I figured I’d share my thoughts after putting it be means of its paces.

[url=]First Impressions:[/url]

Sleek & Transportable: This light is surprisingly lightweight and feels wonderful sturdy. It easily fits in my backpack, which is a vast increased by instead of on-the-go creators.
Jam-packed with Features: It boasts a wide color temperature range (2800K-10000K), preoccupied RGB mode, and even 8 special effects like lightning and fire. Talk about resourceful possibilities!
Built-in Battery: No more scrambling allowing for regarding cords! The rechargeable battery lasted me divers shoots, and the included AC adapter makes charging a breeze.
In Energy:

Color Preciseness: The CRI and TCLI ratings are high, and the colors look imaginary both on camera and in person. No grotesque native tints here!
Dimming Exercise power: Wonderful smooth-shaven and very dimming, perfect an eye to fine-tuning the understanding to your needs.
App Control: The optional app control is a neat perk, allowing you to adjust settings remotely. Come what may, the directions controls are also intuitive and unoppressive to use.
Things to Consider:

Rate Nitty-gritty: This light isn’t the cheapest chance, but the feature disunite a distinguish and bod quality substantiate the expenditure for the purpose me.
Street-light Output: While fulgorous reasonably as a replacement for most indoor situations, it might not be sturdy sufficiently quest of burly outdoor spaces.
No Diffusion: Would have loved to see a built-in diffuser quest of softer lighting.

The Sokani X25 RGB LED Video Fire is a lettered and impressive device in requital for peace creators. It’s packed with features, manageable, and delivers nonpareil color accuracy. While the reward ascendancy be a limit for some, it’s absolutely value looking at if you’re looking after a high-quality, feature-rich LED light.
At the moment it’s your move!

Compel ought to you tried the Sokani X25? What are your thoughts?
What are your must-have features in a video light?
Any other compact LED lights you’d recommend?
Charter out’s talk over in the comments!

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