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Portrait photography has especially delegated a fulfilling facet in my marriage my hobby life. everyday  you’d locate myself possessing a 35mm film camera in my hand snapping keepsakes of my best friends and flowers, and the green land inhabiting the small inlet place off the north Carolina bay front where my family and I went to highschool. The love scaled out into a loving money making hobby which I followed, consuming magazine pictures, paintings and natural photoshoots in the earlier part of my life.  Afterwards, I initiated putting together a highly sought wedding photography life plan where contrasting changes and adventurous energy had already started to manifest and become visible about my body of work. Now I will be a always in demand and award winning Destination Wedding affordable Photographer and cover the entire Washington as well as all of Oregon. I am also a sought out Seattle WA salon Photographer. If you get a chance take a look at my site to find out some more about my work: [url=][color=#000_url]Lynchburg Wedding Photographer[/color][/url]

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